With great connectivity that just keeps on improving, an increasingly attractive town centre, some of the best schools and colleges in the country, more than 50,000 university students within 30 miles, lower than might be expected building costs and a broad range of sites and premises, Bedford is a highly competitive place for business.


The planned growth of the Bedford area will see billions of pounds invested in a wide range of new developments.  Developers, institutions and investors will fund schemes ranging from housing, leisure and retail, through to industrial and commercial.

Bedford Strategic Sites - Bedford is rapidly increasing in size and population and this creates a greater responsibility to ensure the town develops and local businesses continue to prosper.  The Strategic Sites for Business brochure helps demonstrate why Bedford is a great location for business and how it can meet the accommodation and associated needs of businesses whatever their scale and line of business and whoever and wherever they need to link with.


Bedford has an 87,600 strong workforce and is predicted to grow by 8% before 2021. The rate of growth in jobs stands significantly ahead of regional and national rates. 

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